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Welcome to Infinite Venture Corporation

       Infinite Venture Corporation venture fund that invests in the most promising and high-tech teams in the IT technology market. Every day in our work, we embody the principles - to go one-step ahead, to be the best!
To be a highly profitable fund for those who trust us to manage their money, and to be comfortable and useful for those in whom we invest, we are not afraid to experiment and never stand still!

We provide the best conditions for the transaction and cooperation for the most talented entrepreneurs, choose the most innovative technologies and the most promising segments.
The investment focus of the Infinite Venture Corporation is international IT and Internet companies with great potential.

Our investments are working in the cloud technology market, which is now the leading link in the high-tech industry. The high interest of modern investors, as well as our company, causes investments in artificial intelligence, development and research in this direction will bring high dividends in the future, as a result of optimizing costs in IT and other modern companies.
Investments are carried out by a specially organized professional team mainly in new, non-listed companies, with a focus on non-linear growth of capitalization and profitability. We maintain the autonomous management of each individual company in the portfolio.
The investment strategy is long-term.

       The ultimate goal of the Infinite Venture Corporation is to obtain financial profit as a result of reselling the assets of the fund to a strategic or portfolio investor and issuing shares of companies in public tenders (IPO).

Since 2015, a professional team of venture specialists (investors) of the company Infinite Venture Corporation analyzes the risks of innovation. Actively participates in increasing the cost and diversification of portfolios.

A reliable experience of successful investment activities of the company became the basis for the development of a forward-looking strategy Infinite Venture Corporation. Since 2017, acting as a recipient in the сrowdfunding market, the company has entered the Internet space with the idea of public finance with a view to obtaining additional funds for consideration of new projects, which are at the stage of sustainable growth, overstep the break-even point. The funds attracted will be invested mainly in companies that have stable sales, a rapidly growing base of customers or users, and a ready technological product necessary for the market.

Statistics for investors:
-fund size: $ 10 million;
-the volume of investments in one project: from $ 100 thousand to $ 1.5 million;
-the volume of the acquired stake in the company's business can reach from 10% to 30%;
-2 years on the market;
-10 companies in the portfolio;
-more than 2000 analyzed projects.


Founder and Managing Partner.

Responsibility: the Fund's strategy and interaction with investors.
Leading top manager in the IT market with more than 15 years of management experience. In total, for the past 15 years Matthias Exarchidis has been a member of the Board of Directors of more than 10 international companies from various industries.
He graduated from the University of Economics and Business. Athens Greece. Faculty of International and European Economic Relations.
Passed Private equity course in London Business School.


Managing director.

Terms of reference: company management Infinite Venture Corporation, management of relations with investors, venture partners, development of modern investment and business objectives.
Member of the Board of Directors of the majority of portfolio companies.
Manages the Company since the foundation of the Foundation in 2015. For two years under his leadership, the company closed 12 investment transactions, and became one of the most active on the international market.
Before joining the Infinite Venture, more than 10 years worked in the leading IT companies of the industry. He graduated from the Academy of Economics. "D. A. Tsenova "- Svishtov, Bulgaria, received a Master's degree in "Information technology in business"


Investment director.

Terms of reference: search and evaluation of projects' prospects, control of financial activity of portfolio companies, analysis of investment transactions, identification of target segments in the implementation of the investment strategy Infinite Venture Corporation.
Focuses on the identification of the value of products and services, on the formation of an original proposal for clients and on the correct positioning of projects for investors and customers.
Ermin Vuchkov leads investment analysis since 2016 after graduating MBA from IE Business School in Madrid. With his participation more than 50% of deals were closed, more than 1000 IT projects were analyzed. Has extensive experience as an investment analyst before joining the Infinite Venture.
Registered Company



       Money loves an order. Investments too. In particular if they are made quickly. But as if our transactions quickly weren't made, we will always keep high-quality and exact account of your means. The depositary Infinite Venture Corporation — is a guarantee of high-quality servicing of all transactions of our clients.

You can pick up products and services under the personal requirements. No need to install additional programs, carry keys on a flash drive and call the administrator. All online.

Everything is on the surface.
We have no intricate schedules and strange reducings. All will understand both technicians, and entrepreneurs, and housewives, and pensioners. Get acquainted with conditions and options of investment. Choose the investment plan suitable for you, be registered, refill balance of the account on the necessary amount and create the deposit.

       We offer 2 investment variants, use them to increase your capital.

Variant 1. Investment Ladder. The information is presented in the table.
This variant has 21 steps of investment (Level 1 – Level 21).
Broad range of deposits from $1 to $100 thousand.
Smoothly growing percent of profit from 0,9 to 2,9% in calendar day.
The minimum deposit term is 20 days, the maximum is 180.
ATTENTION there are investment bonuses for new deposits, see Note.
Level Deposit amount, dollars *Nominal and effective interest rates  of plans Level 1-21 Note
In day In 30 days   Infinite Venture
Nominal Effective
1 1-10 0,90% 27,00% 30,84% 1. After 20 days, the contribution will continue to work and will be available for full or partial withdrawal.
2. The maximum term of the deposit is 180 days, after which it will automatically close and the funds will be transferred to the balance of your account.  For prolongation it is necessary to create the new deposit.
3. Interest rates on the deposit will automatically grow with the growth of the deposit body, as indicated in this table, moving to new levels, if you set the percentage of capitalization.
4. The calculator on the site will calculate the profit for 180 days. 
5. Early closure of the deposit is possible one day after its creation, the commission in this case will be -19%. 
Test plan Plus 1%
2 10-20 1,00% 30,00% 34,77% Plus 2% on deposit
3 20-30 1,10% 33,00% 38,82% Plus 2,5% on deposit
4 30-50 1,20% 36,00% 43,03% Plus 3% on deposit
5 50-70 1,30% 39,00% 47,34% Plus 4% on deposit 
6 70-100 1,40% 42,00% 51,73% Plus 5% on deposit 
7 100-150 1,50% 45,00% 56,31% Hit! Plus 6% on deposit
8 150-200 1,60% 48,00% 61,04% Plus 5% on deposit 
9 200-300 1,70% 51,00% 65,83% Plus 5% on deposit 
10 300-500 1,80% 54,00% 70,77% Plus 5% on deposit 
11 500-700 1,90% 57,00% 75,92% Plus 5% on deposit 
12 700-1000 2,00% 60,00% 81,12% Hit! Plus 6% on deposit
13 1000-1500 2,10% 63,00% 86,56% Plus 5% on deposit 
14 1500-2000 2,20% 66,00% 92,15% Plus 5% on deposit 
15 2000-3000 2,30% 69,00% 97,81% Plus 5% on deposit 
16 3000-5000 2,40% 72,00% 103,72% Plus 5% on deposit 
17 5000-7000 2,50% 75,00% 109,75% Hit! Plus 5% on deposit
18 7000-10000 2,60% 78,00% 115,97% Plus 4% on deposit 
19 10000-20000 2,70% 81,00% 122,37% Plus 3% on deposit 
20 20000-50000 2,80% 84,00% 128,96% Plus 2% on deposit 
21 50000-100000 2,90% 87,00% 135,77% Plus 1% on deposit 
*Nominal interest rate, rate without capitalization of daily profit.
The effective interest rate, the rate taking into account the 100% capitalization of daily profit.
For accelerated movement on the ladder of the plans, use the percentage of reinvestment (capitalization) in the range from 10% to 100%, as well as the function of replenishing an already opened deposit (Add)

Variant 2. Has the name «SUPER»
It promotes intensive growth of your capital. Has only three plans. Информация изложена в таблице. Преимущество данного плана в повышенном проценте прибыли.

Name of the plan Deposit amount, dollars % Accruals per day Deposit term, days Reinvest Early withdrawal Note
SUPER1 10-1000 2,20% 210 100% Impossible Hit! Plus 6% on deposit
SUPER2 10-700 2,10% 200 100% Impossible Hit! Plus 6% on deposit
SUPER3 10-500 2,00% 190 100% Impossible Plus 5% on deposit

Receive additional 2% to a contribution on popular plans of a series Hit! This bonus is intended to compensate the payment system commission. Thus, the company expresses loyalty to its customers.

Working days: 69
Total participants: 5852
Deposit funds accepted: $ 857 495.97
Paid: $ 150 924.76
Deposits from $1 to $100 000
Minimum withdrawal amount: $0.01
Invest and earn more
Worthy alternative to a bank deposit
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The online version of the Company was opened on May 18, 2017
You can pick up products and services under the personal requirements

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Dear investors and new participants!

Jul 10, 2017 01:00   Important!
From July 10, 2017. Open Unique Action "BONUS 50" Only for 1000 new participants our company...

On reducing the deposit bonus.

Jul 6, 2017 12:00
From 10.07.2017. The bonus to the deposit will be reduced.



Jun 29, 2017 00:50
Thanks for the payments and good work, I really like this project!
Спасибо за выплаты и хорошую работу, мне очень нравится этот...
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Jul 1, 2017 18:16
Спасибо за честную и ответственную работу, каждый раз убеждаюсь в этом!
Пополняю свой депозит еще на 70$...
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Jun 17, 2017 19:41
Alles ist sehr professionell! Dieser Service ist erstaunlich!
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May 28, 2017 04:43
Вывела вчера реферальный бонус и начисленный процент. спасибо админу проекта за быстрый и четкий вывод
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